Question: How Much Does A Genius At Apple Make?

What does an Apple Genius do?

As a Genius, you provide insightful advice and friendly, hands-on technical support to Apple customers in need.

You quickly diagnose product issues on the spot, explaining situations with patience and compassion..

How much does Apple pay an hour?

Average Apple hourly pay ranges from approximately $11.08 per hour for Performer to $60.00 per hour for Hardware Engineer.

Is it hard to become an Apple Genius?

It’s no easy task to become an Apple Genius. Getting hired is a competitive process. Most people apply at an Apple store or on the Apple website. Then after several hiring events and interviews they may be chosen to attend Apple’s Genius Training.

What is Apple’s minimum wage?

$7.25By the standards of retailing, Apple offers above average pay — well above the minimum wage of $7.25 and better than the Gap, though slightly less than Lululemon, the yoga and athletic apparel chain, where sales staff earn about $12 an hour.

What are the qualifications to work at Apple?

Tech savvy with people skills Hiring requirements historically center on experience using computers and electronics and personal interests in the products sold in store. Other qualifications include meeting the minimum hiring age of 18 and holding high school diplomas or equivalents.

How much do you get paid if you work at the Apple store?

Average Apple Retail Sales Associate hourly pay in the United States is approximately $15.71, which is 31% above the national average.

What is the average salary at Apple?

$125,233 a yearApple Computer, Inc pays its employees an average of $125,233 a year. Salaries at Apple Computer, Inc range from an average of $69,343 to $170,636 a year.

How much does an Apple Genius make UK?

Apple Genius SalariesJob TitleSalaryApple Apple Genius salaries – 59 salaries reported£29,699/yrApple Apple Genius salaries – 10 salaries reported£19,299/yrApple Apple Genius salaries – 1 salaries reported40,000/yrApple Apple (Genius) salaries – 1 salaries reported£26,582/yr

What is the highest paying job at Apple?

Among the highest-paying jobs at Apple are director and senior director leadership roles, according to reviews posted on Glassdoor. Roles in the software engineering and marketing departments ranked highly as well.

Do Apple employees get free iphones?

Yes, they get free Apple products for use in their jobs. They can request anything for “evaluation” and they will get it almost immediately.

Is it hard to get a job at Apple?

They might seem intimidating but they’re actually your average Joes and they’re looking for warm people. On top of that, Apple also has a recruitment policy where you have to be teachable and take instructions, and also be a good fit in group situations. … I never thought getting a job at Apple was very difficult.

How can I be a genius Apple?

Apple offers a variety of courses that cover the spectrum of Apple products and software.Visit the Apple website to identify certification courses that compliment your skills and meet your interests.Identify the Apple Authorized Training Center you wish to attend.Enroll in your chosen certification courses.

What do Apple recruiters look for?

Cook said that Apple looks for: “People that work with a passion and an idealism.” Passion is a word that you hear again and again among Apple recruiting managers. Many potential employees make the mistake of thinking they need to know everything about Apple’s products.