Question: What Is The Opposite Of Snug?

What is the opposite of fasten?

Opposite of to fasten or fix securely in place.





Is comfy a word?

adjective, com·fi·er, com·fi·est. Informal. comfortable.

What does congenial mean?

adjective. friendly, pleasant, or agreeablea congenial atmosphere to work in. having a similar disposition, tastes, etc; compatible; sympathetic.

What is a antonym for snug?

Antonyms: unprotected, leaky, uncomfortable, loose. Synonyms: skinny, tightlipped, cheeseparing, penny-pinching, stuffy, faithful, cozy, airless, nigh, cosy, close-fitting, close, tight, confining, closemouthed, near, unaired, secretive, closelipped. snug(adj)

What does snug mean?

fitting tightlySnug describes something that’s comfortable and cozy. During a snowstorm you may take shelter in your snug cottage in front of the fireplace. When talking about clothing, snug means fitting tightly. Clothing may be snug on purpose, like a bathing suit, or it may be snug because it’s in fact too small.

What’s another word for fitting?

Some common synonyms of fitting are appropriate, apt, felicitous, fit, happy, meet, proper, and suitable.

What’s the opposite of loosen?

Opposite of to make, or become, less taut. tighten. tense. squeeze. tauten.

What is the snug in a pub?

The “snug” was a small private room or area which typically had access to the bar and a frosted glass window, set above head height. … The snug was for patrons who preferred not to be seen in the public bar. Ladies would often enjoy a private drink in the snug in a time when it was frowned upon for women to be in a pub.

What is a snug in England?

The term ‘snug’ is a concept for a room derived from England requiring a few elements highlighted in this article to fit the title. A few essentials that are part of the spec are: small room, which oozes warmth and coziness. It is a snuggly room if you will.

What’s another word for not fitting in?

What is another word for not fitting?loosebaggyslouchybagginghangingroomysaggingvoluminousampleflabby48 more rows

What is close fitting?

of clothes. : fitting tightly to the body : not baggy or loose a close-fitting pair of pants.

What is another word for snug?

Some common synonyms of snug are comfortable, cozy, easy, and restful.

What is a snug room in England?

England. A snug is often a bonus area – either as part of a big kitchen, where you have enough space for a cosy little seating area (typically with a couple of armchairs or a sofa, maybe a woodburner) – away from your eating area. Sometimes a snug can be a separate liitle reception room with a similar set up as above.

When you look at something for a long time?

stare to look at somebody/​something for a long time, especially with surprise or fear, or because you are thinking: I screamed and everyone stared.

What is opposite of fit?

Opposite of of a suitable quality, standard, or type to meet the required purpose. unsuitable. unfit. inapplicable. unusable.

What is the opposite of fitting in?

“You can remove the cable from the device once it has been fully charged.” “The new staff members have chosen to mostly segregate themselves away from the rest of the department.”…What is the opposite of fit in?detachremoveexpelpull offpull outtake offtake outdeposedislodgedo away with7 more rows

What is the opposite of bought?

Antonyms for Bought Pawned, given away, sold.