A Stroll To The Supermarket: Observations On Human Nature

I’m in a fortunate position exactly where I can simply walk to the supermarket and get my day-to-day quota of groceries, as well as my daily quota of exercise – killing two birds with a single stone as it have been. In terms of the highlight of the day, it surely does rank as that – only the worst highlight of the day.


I am convinced that drivers are the scum of the earth. There’s something about receiving behind the wheel of a car or truck that turns quite a few a decent human becoming into a raving selfish lunatic. For example:

*I’ve had it happen, not often but as well frequently for comfort, that when crossing a road, for lack of a crosswalk or traffic lights, an approaching car or truck in the distance will all of a sudden speed up and slightly alter course to head or aim directly for me, as if I am somehow trespassing on their private turf. The driver, ten instances out of ten, is male.

*Again not often, but as well frequently for comfort, I’ve had a automobile-full of young male hoons passing by who locate it a delightful pleasure to yell obscenities out the window at pedestrians. Brave lads 1 and all of course, passing by in a speeding automobile, since of course the lone pedestrian, a total stranger is definitely a main threat to their wellbeing and has grievously insulted them by the mere reality of current.

*Speaking of drivers, an awful lot of them will have to be on the road heading towards a genuinely HOT date, given their excessive speed.

*And whether or not it is a speeding driver, or even a shopper in the supermarket, texting and talking on their mobile is infinitely more critical than paying attention to their driving or their shopping. That is odd behavior given that presumably, in either case, the purpose they are driving or in the supermarket in the very first location, is to drive or to shop.

*There’s 1 pedestrian crosswalk between dwelling and the supermarket, and I generally try to time points to make at least one driver quit or at least slow down for me as I cross, not that that little road rule signifies considerably in some cases as not all drivers care to slow down, far significantly less quit, for a pedestrian who is on their turf, resulting in some close calls. One particular idiot driver chose not to slow down far less cease in complete sight of a passing police car – tisk, tisk. I bet that is 1 driver who won’t be pulling that stunt again.

*And then there are those cyclists who use the sidewalks rather of the road, which generally isn’t a challenge, except when they race about a blind curve not expecting something in their blind path, until, oops, they slam into you.

*Though walking to my location, I can generally tell when I’ve left the wilderness and crossed over into civilization by the escalating quantity of litter I spot along the roadside, not to mention the ever increasing amount of graffiti.

*And do not you just appreciate your neighbors when residents don’t bother to trim their front yard trees, hedges and bushes that develop and hang out and over a public sidewalk thus denying access and forcing all and sundry to go around. I see that each and every day on my walk.

*The neighborhood recycling bins are routinely collected similar day each fortnight. But somehow some persons can not quite figure this routine out. And so I spot them out on the sidewalk awaiting collection that’s lots of a day away, and it’s not for the reason that the residents have gone off on holidays and had to put their bin out early. And some individuals can not, or will not, come to terms with what is, and what is not, recyclable. Apparently soiled disposable nappies are a regular item that some men and women look at recyclable.

*Speaking of bins, a variety of charitable organizations place out charity bins at nearby shopping centers for persons, who want to donate utilised, but useable clothing, blankets, and so on. Alas, these bins have been turned into rubbish dumps as people leave all sorts of broken, unusable junk rather than taking their huge item rubbish to the tip – where they would have to pay a fee. As an alternative, the charity is legally obligated to clear up the rubbish dumped and take it to the tip exactly where they have to pay the charge, which means much less cash for them is obtainable to assist the needy.

*If it is been a bit wet, you can inform exactly where humans have treaded by the number of stomped on snails littering the sidewalks. It is almost certainly a natural, if more than-the-top rated reaction to that proposed Hollywood, and future Oscar-winning epic and sci-fi blockbuster, “The Revenge of the Snails”.

*Amazingly, the a single thing I can not fuss about is roaming dogs, apart from doggy-poop.

*When it comes to parking at the buying center, exactly where the supermarket is positioned, drivers rule, OK? I am a driver and I am entitled to park exactly where I want to, when I want to, for as lengthy as I want to and the absolute hell with anyone and everyone else. Is this a loading zone only? – Tough luck. Is this space reserved for the healthcare profession only? – Also damn undesirable. Is this parking space reserved for the handicapped? – Let them eat cake. Is kuxtalmarket.com parking” zone? Sorry, that cannot possibly apply to me.

*There is a sidewalk that leads from the primary road to the mall and supermarket, with parking spaces alongside. So, of course shoppers wheel their trolley complete of goodies back to their parked cars adjacent to stated sidewalk. Now, what do these drivers (which there have to be considering that they are unloading their trolley’s goodies into vehicles) do with the now empty trolleys? Do they return the trolley to a designated return point for empty trolleys? Not on your life. The empty trolleys are just left on the adjacent sidewalk which suggests these utilizing the sidewalk, can not. Persons in wheelchairs moms pushing prams youngsters on bicycles and of course ordinary pedestrians, have their access blocked, just due to the fact the driver can’t be bothered to spend 1 extra minute taking the trolley back to the appropriate trolley return location. I make a point of placing stated sidewalk-blocking trolleys into the parking spaces. Drivers can inconvenience other divers, but not pedestrians – that’s my motto.

*But of course trolleys get scattered far and wide. They have a tendency to be abandoned all over the spot. I’d like to blame little ones, but I’ve seen way as well quite a few adults wheel the loaded trolleys household, then abandon them – but not too close to their residence.

*Speaking of that staple of western civilization, the purchasing trolley, supermarkets have to employ lads to round them up when customers leave them scattered all more than the place. Let’s just say that the regional lads employed to execute such duties normally are undertaking anything but, nearly forever goofing off. I won’t say what ethnic background they’re from least I offend the innocent, but I want I’d had it that easy way back when.

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